Why Join Us?

CARRIER ACCESS Gain access to hudreds of carriers, both personal lines AND commercial, so you have what you need to be a successful independent agency. CBIG also manages the carrier relationship and obligations so you can spend more time building your business.

HIGHER COMMISSIONS/HIGHER CLOSE RATIO Receive access to carriers that pay top tier commission rates. With numerous carriers to select from, you’ll have on average a 70% close ratio.

BOOK OWNERSHIP You work hard for your clients and you shouldn’t have a company take them away. Have 100% ownership of the financial interest in your book and renewal income. This means you can sell your book, or leave with your book, anytime you choose.

CLIENT RENTENTION Your client’s needs or rates may change, but with CBIG that doesn’t mean they have to change their agent. Client retention is over 90% with CBIG Agencies.

RATING AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Get access to an award winning rating and management system for a fraction of the price. Sales Center, Rentention Center, and numerous other functions makes it feel that you have an additional staff person working for you.

BONUS PARTICIPATION EARLY Earn profit sharing participation 5-6 times faster.

SUPPORT Transitioning from having one carrier to hundreds can be overwhelming. CBIG provides our agents with training and support they need so they never feel like they are left in the dark.

COMMISSION AUDITS Making sure you are getting correct commissions from numerous carriers that all pay on different days of the month, can make tracking commissions very difficult. CBIG audits your commissions on a monthly basis, so you receive one deposit monthly that you can be assured is accurate.

NO ARBITRATRY REQUIREMENTS No more arbitrary score cards or growth models. Your measurement of success is your own bank account.

MARKETING SYSTEMS Gain access to marketing systems that truly work. Systems that will accelerate your agency growth.

LOW OVERHEAD Keeping your overhead low is the key to having a successful agency. With CBIG you are not required to have an office, or have a certain amount of staff. We also negotiate contracts with vendors to provide you a cost-effective way to run your business.